Getting to the Root of IT - Part 1 – Introduction

After many years of looking at many different types of hosting, I wanted to write up a sequential guide about how I see hosting and generally how you could train others to understand it too.


Whilst nearly everything in life can be made more complicated, in the training world, the key is to simplify. To me, everything in the hosting world can be understood through analogy and real world examples. Over the next couple of weeks, we will go through, section by section, breaking down how to understand the building blocks of hosting.

Hosting is like.....staying in a hotel.

Hotel Room

Whenever you set out on a journey, accommodation is always a key priority. Depending on whether you are partaking for business or pleasure, there will always be criteria for what you need out of your stay. Likewise, in the hosting world, since you are essentially choosing where you want your website/app/blog to "stay" similar criteria can be applied. In the hotel world, you have a number of factors such as:

  • Room Type (Shared Hostel, Private Penthouse suite)
  • Facilities (Power,Water, Tea)
  • Bed Type (Single, Double)
  • Location (..location) Etc....

Equally in hosting you have:

  • Type of data centre/infrastructure (room)
  • Facilities (Power, Hopefully not water!)
  • Bed Type (Size of hosting)
  • Location (Where is your data?)

So when explaining and comparing, since nearly everyone has stayed in a hotel at some point, hosting starts to become more relatable. Next week, we will cover and analogise the starter point for hosting - shared.

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Mitch - Managing Director, Root Provider.